"Outstanding and unique scene that redefines what constitutes pornography."
Patrick Parker @ArtfulPorn

About the film


Release Date: May 1, 2019
Rating: Explicit

Produced By    :   Sssh.com
Directed By    :   Angie Rowntree
Starring    :   Ava Mir-Ausziehen & Malcolm Lovejoy
Written By    :   Natalia Cross & Angie Rowntree
Genre    :   Arthouse, Adult, Narrative, Erotic
Time    :   20 min.
Age    :   18+





The colours of desire are awakened with a simple touch.

Watch as the colours of a young couple come to life with every sensual touch. Every kiss. Every sigh of satisfaction. With no idea of what they’re creating, the two begin to make love on a blank canvas and slowly immerse themselves into the creation of something elevated by their pleasure in one another.

Blues, golds, flesh on flesh; Alla Prima shows us the power of art and sexual fantasy as they come together in this mesmerizing display of modern art. In the end, it’s given to the hands of the public eye to witness and admire as the two artists watch with pride.

"I closed my eyes and spoke to you in a thousand silent ways." ~ Rumi


Actors and Director

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    Sundance Institute features Angie Rowntree along with actor and director Taylor Mac in a live presentation called “CreativeTensions: Sex,” the second in a series sponsored by the Sundance Institute Theatre Program and produced in partnership with IDEO.