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"Soirée is the hottest and most game-changing new sex tech innovation yet!" -- June Ann


♥ You’re Sssh Soirée! 

Sssh Soirée is our exclusive new video platform feature that allows you to view movies with an invited guest, while also simultaneously being able to interact with each other through live video chat. We’ve taken the basic idea of a “watch party” and gone beyond! With Sssh Soirée, you can truly ”Connect & Come Together.” 

Soirée is available only within the Sssh members area for exclusive use by our members (at no additional fee). Through Soirée, you may watch any movie, talk show, or educational video in our members’ area library, which is over 500+ movies strong.

With the movies front and center, plus the ability to interact as you wish with your viewing partner, Sssh Soirée is a truly social and integrative viewing experience for two consenting adults. Not only is it a new and unique way to experience content--and also a new and exciting way to combine adult entertainment with intimacy!

"An intimate meetup - what a great idea Soirée is a wonderful and very personal way to watch a film together. When we are apart from our intimate partners, the distance can seem like a great chasm that is nearly impossible to cross. Soirée creates an experience of shared intimacy that connects you to your partner." -- Lauren MacEwen

♥ Is Sssh Soirée Private? 

Yes! Sssh Soirée is 100% private; nothing is EVER recorded or monitored, so users can rest assured that their virtual interaction is not subject to any prying eyes. We do not record or monitor any interactions on Soirée, nor is anything downloadable. All interactions are peer-to-peer and encrypted; we have created a pass-through only. By the same token, nothing is uploadable either.

Only content can be viewed in Soirée.There is no “user-generated” content or external content of any kind, nor is Soiree a “camming platform.”

Members and their guests can feel safe using Soirée knowing that their safety and privacy is always assured.

"Sssh Soiree is a provocative fusion of art, pleasure, fantasy, technology--and human connection. Because you are connecting with both a partner and the content simultaneously, Soiree opens up countless new doorways through which we can unleash the erotic imagination." -- Michael Ninn

♥ Why Did We Develop Sssh Soirée? Founder and Director, Angie Rowntree, was inspired to create Soirée during the COVID-19 lockdowns: “The widespread loneliness and isolation that so many of us experienced during the pandemic can severely harm us on multiple levels. Initially, I wasn’t thinking about sex; I wanted to help alleviate that loneliness and address the need we all have for human connection.” 

In this regard, Soirée has many uses and possibilities. It allows long-distance intimacy to take on another layer of potential. Instead of just “traditional methods” like phone sex or sexting, couples who are geographically separated can enjoy each other’s company virtually while simultaneously enjoying the content. If the couple also happens to use remote sex toys with Soirée, well, then it’s truly an orgasmic, cinematic experience! 

On a different note, Soirée also allows access to our vast collection of sexual education and wellness videos, so using Soirée for this purpose can open the door to greater conversations about intimacy and pleasure between couples, play partners, or even platonic friends who might be curious, or otherwise able to benefit from the educational material itself. 

"Soirée is a disruptor. This is going to change how people consume [adult] content. I love the fact that I can now enjoy movies with my partner when I'm away. I'm also really impressed with how smoothly the movies play--there is literally no lag or buffering." -- Joe E.

♥ How Does Sssh Soirée Work? 

The Sssh member hosting “the Soirée” is able to send an invite link to their guest. All guests must be a consenting adult over eighteen (18+) years of age, and/or over the age of consent and maturity in the jurisdiction from which Soirée is being accessed.

  • The guest clicks the link and arrives in a room where they must enable video/audio permissions for the streaming and video syncing to work properly. 
  • Once both parties are in the room, they can begin video chatting and enjoying the movies of their choice. 
  • The host is able to create a movie playlist, and also can start, stop, or pause the movie as they wish throughout the session. Any changes are synced instantly to their guest’s interface, so the experience inside Soirée is always a shared one. 
  • Guests are confined to the virtual viewing room and do not have access to the main site. Guests can see the playlist, but cannot interact with it; however, they can toggle full-screen mode on/off and mute/unmute the movie’s sound.
  • Soirée runs on desktops and laptops only and works best with a Chrome browser.

Sssh Soirée took a year and a half to develop, and it is the first viewing platform to bring together the trifecta of award-winning adult cinema, sex tech, and sexual wellness. ♥ 


"I think Soirée is a wonderful platform to share intimacy across any geographical distance. It’s slick, there’s no delay or degradation in resolution, and it’s super easy to use. The interface elevates the idea of a watch party and I can’t wait to see what’s next!" -- Jonathan C.

"This past year has shown us that we can't always be in the same physical space as our partners, but we have a possible solution from Sssh Soirée. Those sexy geniuses have figured out how to combine date night with game night, in a way that is both private and virtual. Play on!" -- Jane Boon, author of the erotic thriller, EDGE PLAY

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