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BOSTON (May 06, 2011) -, a female friendly site delivering "everything sex" in the form of content in an informative, entertaining and intelligent manner is pleased to be prominently featured in A Billion Wicked Thoughts, a book about internet porn and internet sex habits.

"We're excited and elated that is part of a book that has received such incredible media response to date," says Angie, owner and founder of "The authors were incredible to work with, and we wanted to make sure the book contained as much factual data as possible."

A Billion Wicked Thoughts released May 5 but has already climbed to the Top 10 on Amazon's top sex books. Written by two Ivy League neuroscience researchers, the book delves into who uses internet porn and what people's internet sex habits are. Traveling from Boston and spending the day with the publisher of, the authors went through a decade of polls and empirical data as a basis for much of the conclusions in the book of exactly what women want. Over many months, the authors continued their relationship with to help flesh out what was needed for their final copy. Recent articles on the books release can be found here and here. was an integral information vehicle for the authors as they provided the data central to the books theme and their conclusions allowing the writers to use their analytics from and their other online sex venture

Additional data was compiled from web site searches, individual search histories, erotic stories and videos, adult websites, online personal ads and other sources of sexual data in order to better understand the true differences between male and female desires.