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LOS ANGELES (September 20, 2012) -, the erotica and sexuality website designed and maintained for women by women, graces the pages of Playboy Magazine's September issue in a article penned by journalist Joel Stein that reveals why women's erotica is best left to women.

While researching "mommy porn" for his article, Stein spoke to founder and publisher Angie Rowntree, who told him the women-friendly porn that she shoots for her site is heavy on plot and dialogue.

"I had a great time being interviewed by Joel Stein again after a previous one with him in Time magazine about Anthony Weiner's ‘Weener’ pics on Twitter,” Rowntree said of the interview. “He's a funny and compelling writer and it was great to bring a woman's perspective this time into Playboy magazine within his article about ‘Mommy Porn.'”

In the article, titled "A Guy's Guide to Mommy Porn," Stein wrote, "I feel bad for women. In order to get off, they have to weed through some terrible writing (Fifty Shades of Grey). We men can watch three minutes on and then use the rest of the hour to read a book. If men had to wait that long to get to the good parts in our porn, none of us would have time to even make porn. Our fantasy is that some women are nymphos who need sex from anyone and if we are in the right place at the right time, we'll get a chance. We do not kid ourselves that we are special."

Summing up his thoughts, Stein added, "For all that is wrong with mommy porn, there is something unbelievably right. The one thing men and women completely agree on is the one thing we thought we felt differently about: sex itself."

In response, Angie quipped, "Joel did a great job in this piece describing to male Playboy readers the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon in (hopefully) a way that a lot of men can relate to. And he hit the nail on the head stating that women and men generally look for different things in their porn and erotica experiences. Questionable  grammar and endless expository dialogue aside, Fifty Shades has hit a live nerve-ending in our culture and we are seeing women from Wichita to Wales come out seeking to explore their sexuality like never before."

Highlights from the “Style Issue” include Royal beauty Katrina Darling, Miss September Alana Campos and interviews with Richard Dawkins, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jay-Z and Playboy's Icons of Style.