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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Helps Time Magazine Columnist with Penis Question

BOSTON (June 13, 2011) - The owner and founder, the world's sexiest and most informative female friendly website, recently provided some much-needed sexual etiquette advice to Time magazine columnist Joel Stein, who had reached out to her with a delicate question: specifically, should he start sexting pictures of his penis?

In the June 8 column entitled, "America’s Next Top Weiner," Stein also mused, "Is this something I’ll need to teach my son how to do? What’s the right age to take photos of your penis? Because, at 2, he can already use an iPhone and admire his penis."

Seeking the help of experts, Stein's first stop was with founder Angie Rowntree, who was only too happy to assist, though the query from a nationally known journalist did come as a surprise.

"I just assumed a Time magazine columnist would be more hip to sexting etiquette," said Rowntree. "But I was glad to help, and by the end of our conversation I think he was much better informed regarding the essential do's and don't of penis self-portraiture and promotion."

Essentially, Rowntree's advice was that, as far as most women are concerned, spreading the penis photo love around is a really, really bad idea. By the end of his journey of sexual self-discovery, Stein appeared to agree, even if he didn't seem too happy about it!

The Stein column can be read here.

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