Sex Expert Ava Mir-Ausziehen to Speak at CatalystCon | Sssh.Com


BOSTON (September 10, 2012) - has announced that Ava Mir-Ausziehen, the resident sex expert for Sssh.Com, will be attending the upcoming CatalystCon as one of the speakers on the panel, Sex Education: Out of the Classroom, into the Streets!. CatalystCon will feature over 50 speakers and 40 sessions for its inaugural conference to be held September 14-16 at the Long Beach Hilton Executive and Meeting Center in Long Beach, California.

“I have long identified as a ‘sex-nerd’, somewhere between the academy and working on the ground," said Mir-Ausziehen. "CatalystCon serves as a long-awaited venue for us sex-nerds to get together and share our unique interests. It doesn’t privilege any one form of knowledge, and concerns itself with a breadth of issues relevant to the complex and shifting landscape of sex work, sexuality, identity and politics. As a staff writer and product reviewer for I cannot wait to attend, and am honoured to be a part of this inaugural session.”

CatalystCon creator Dee Dennis describes the conference as a "melting pot of sexuality" that will unite sex educators, sexologists, sex workers, writers, activists, and anyone with a passion for creating change. “Knowledge is power, and sharing that knowledge is the first spark in igniting change.”

Mir-Auszuehen has a bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, completed the Amsterdam Graduate School of Social Sciences Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society, and is currently completing a Masters degree in Medical Anthropology with a Women's and Gender Studies Option. She is also the Executive Assistant at an HIV/AIDS resource, prevention, and services centre, and has taught sexual education courses to high school students and community group members since 2005. founder and CEO Angie Rowntree was excited about Ava's appearance at CatalystCon. “When the organizers of CatalystCon asked if, our online journal of sexuality and erotic entertainment for women, would like to send a speaker for their seminar component, we were thrilled to be offered the opportunity to contribute to the ground breaking conference,” she said. “Our choice in sending Ava was easy!  She’s not only a well educated and respected sexual anthropologist, she also an engaging, compelling and witty speaker on a wide variety of sexuality topics and shifting cultural developments. We at are delighted to participate in this important conference.”